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National Retained Practice

Grant/Morgan Associates teams together with our clients to provide the highest quality recruiting and search services, in order to build a strong, more competitive company. Most of our retained searches are in the $100,000 - $300,000 annual base compensation level range. When bonuses and equity participation are included, the total annual compensation of selected searches has exceeded $1 million.

Specifically, we are:

  • Understanding of your needs and objectives. We invest time to learn about your business, company culture, management team and the position.
  • Focused, efficient, and results-oriented. We develop a specific strategy for each search. Our team of researchers and recruiters work on fewer searches to ensure that our efforts are focused on timely results. We employ strategic, targeted, cold-calling to complete all of our retained searches.
  • Cost-effective. Our pricing structure is unique and value-oriented.
  • Professional, confidential and non-compromising. We continue to surface candidates until the search is completed. This dedicated and time-consuming approach helps to ensure that the best-suited person is hired and the search is completed on a consistent basis.
  • Timely - our process and model is proven. Our results are typically faster than industry standards.
  • Driven towards results. Our unique fee structure allows us to better align with our clients to successfully complete close to 100% of the searches we are retained on.

Recently Completed Assignments

Chief Marketing Officer Privately-held $1.5 billion Telecommunications Service Company $275,000.00 8 Weeks
Divisional Chief Financial Officer Fortune 100 Manufacturing Company $200,000.00 8 Weeks
Chief Operating Officer - President $30 million Division of Large, Public International Co. $200,000.00 8 Weeks
Assistant Controller Real Estate Construction/Development Company $157,000.00 8 Weeks
Director - Human Resources Fortune 50 Technology Company $150,000.00 4 Weeks
Vice President - Development National Multi-Family Real Estate Company $145,000.00 12 Weeks
Director – Land Development $100 million Homebuilder $125,000.00 10 Weeks
Regional Director - Property Management NYSE Office REIT $120,000.00 5 Weeks
Head of Internal Audit Industrial Manufacturing Conglomerate $115,000.00 8 Weeks

* Salary Only - does not include bonuses, stock options or other benefits.


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